These 7 MedTech Companies Are Transforming Health Care And Growing Fast

From drones to big data to 3D modeling, emerging technologies are transforming old guard industries — and the medical world is no different. Here are 7 medical technology companies that you need to know about, whether you’re looking for a new health solution… or a new job.

ZiplineGetting from point A to point B in developing, mountainous countries like Rwanda is often no easy task. But when patients are in need of blood transfusions or other urgent medical solutions, time lost can mean lives lost. Zipline’s solution? Drones, used to immediately deliver supplies directly to patients. First launched in Rwanda, Zipline is eyeing eventual global expansion, and are hiring for numerous roles in both their Bay Area headquarters and abroad.

Nurx: San Francisco-based Nurx is also taking on an issue of access in health care, specifically as it applies to birth control and PrEP. Through secure remote consultations, affordable solutions, and free delivery, Nurx aims to give patients full control of their sexual health. The Pill Club also offers birth control and contraception delivery, and is based in the Bay Area as well.

PatientsLikeMe: For those with chronic conditions, connecting with other patients online doesn’t just mean a new source of empathy — it also can mean a significantly better quality of life. PatientsLikeMe connects patients with more than 2,800 different conditions, both to empower patients to learn more about their conditions and to empower researchers to gather community-driven medical insights. The PatientsLikeMe team is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and they’re hiring for open roles in engineering, marketing, and more.

Komodo Health: As the health care industry continues to digitize, big data companies like Komodo Health are integral to improving industry-wide intelligence. They’re looking to add the best and brightest to their teams in both San Francisco and New York City, with roles ranging from data science to customer success.

Forward: Forward offers primary care memberships heavily reliant on next-gen technologies like sensors, 3D modeling, and AI — not exactly the doctor’s office of your childhood. The San Francisco-based company is well funded and growing fast, with openings for software engineers, physicians, and more.

Pager: Forget the appointments themselves — simply finding the right doctor can be an exhausting process in its own right. Pager provides a mobile platform to guide patients through the entire healthcare process. They’ve got lots of openings at their New York headquarters for engineering, operations, and more.


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