These 7 Smart-Drug Candies Can Make You More Productive

What a feeling!

Gummy Flair

Once, the closest thing to healthy snack was a chewable Flintstone vitamin.

Now, a new generation of smart-drug enhanced gums, candies, and drinks promise performance-enhancing results through nootropics, supplements that improve cognitive function.

Check out seven treats that could up your productivity.



Offering energy, clarity, and focus, Neurogum is an L-Theanine, B-vitamin, and caffeine-stacked fresh mint chewing gum. A 6-Pack (i.e. six packs of six pieces) cost $18.00.

Go Cubes

go cubes smart-drug

Developed by the team behind nootropic subscription service Nootrobox, Go Cubes are a gummy candy intended to replace your daily dose of coffee. With a precise dosage of caffeine, as well as supplements like Inositol, a four-pack sampler of Go Cubes starts at $15.00. They’re available in Mocha, Pure Drip, and Latte flavors.

TruBrain and Brud

TruBrain and Brud

The drink pouches from TruBrain look a little like Capri Suns, although they don’t contain quite so much high-fructose corn syrup. Packing nootropics like Oxiracetam (to support neural pathways) and Uridine (to aid cognition), a one-time purchase of 20 1 oz. drinks costs $55. The company also offers Brüd, an agave sweetener for your coffee with added Alpha GPC (mental endurance) and L-Theanine (cognitive performance).



Embracing the retina-searing energy drink aesthetic, IdrinkQ pairs your typically sugary soda with R(+)-alpha lipoic acid (for glucose metabolism) and L-Arginine (for blood flow). It’s only available in the U.K. and Germany for now.



Despite a name that sounds all-too zombie friendly, BrainJuice is a shot-sized bottle loaded with ten extracts, vitamins, and nootropics that promise to help your brain produce neurotransmitters. Individual doses are available at Whole Foods, and a 12-unit box can be ordered for $43.99.



The coffee brand that put butter in your java has begun branching out into performance-enhancing snacks as well. Their Fudge Brownie Collagen Bar promotes healthy body and mind, through something called Brain Octane oil, a supplement distilled from coconut oil.


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