This Is How 7 Tech Giants Are Celebrating Halloween

Scare Tactics

Halloween retail spending is projected to hit a whopping $9.1 billion this year.

And while that suggests a lot more synthetic spider webs in your future, it also means big companies can’t ignore the holiday.

Check out how seven tech giants are celebrating Halloween.


snapchat halloween

Finally, everyone’s favorite dancing, augmented-reality hot dog has jumped out of Snapchat filters and into the real world. The costume is available from Amazon for $80.


lyft halloween

Lyft has partnered with Netflix sensation Stranger Things to offer riders in L.A. and Philadelphia Strange Mode this past weekend. A few randomly-selected riders got a free trip to the Upside Down, featuring haunted rides and waffles.


instagram halloween

Instagram users can create their own Dramatic Chipmunk effect thanks to the new Superzoom feature, which also includes dramatic music cues.

Pokémon Go

pokemon halloween

For the second year in a row, Pokémon Go is celebrating the spooky season with a costumed Pikachu, rare creatures, and Gen 3 Ghosts. If you’re still trying to catch ’em all, you can check out a complete guide to the event from iMore.


facebook halloween

In addition to Halloween-themed text backgrounds, Facebook is also adding virtual costumes to Messenger, and a haunted house game to your camera. There are even special, spooky effects being added to Facebook Live.


google halloween

Google Assistant is getting into the spirit of the season with a wealth of new Halloween-themed features. Among them, “OK Google, let’s get spooky”, which launches an hour-long playlist of Halloween sounds, cues connected lights to turn on and off, and takes control of the TV. Check out the feature in action here.


uber halloween

Uber has rolled out a set of Halloween-themed stickers for the day, but they’re also launching a decidedly more significant promotion. In partnership with Miller Coors, they’re offering free or discounted rides in dozens of markets, in an effort to curb drunk driving.


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