7 Ways Tech Is Changing Your Tooth Brush

Mouth Piece

Dental tech might seem like it’s stuck in the era of picks and pliers, but startups are changing the way you care for your teeth.

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The rather terrifying-looking device above is actually a toothbrush that promises to perfectly brush your teeth in a mere 6 seconds. The 3D-printed Blizzident requires a dental impression from your dentist. That mold is then scanned by a laboratory and uploaded to Blizzident’s servers. They’ll print up a customized device for $99 (plus a one-time $99 design fee).


The slick-looking electric toothbrush from Quip also comes with brush head replacements every three months. Starter set prices begin at $25.


Cocofloss offers much the same service for your toothfloss. For $3.50 per month, users receive 64 yards of loofah floss, that promises to feel like “a soft towel or sea sponge”.


If you really need a kick in the behind to floss every day, the smoke-alarm lookalike Flosstime could be the device for you. Flosstime “gently” reminds delinquent flossers to clean their teeth via LED lights, and dispenses the perfect amount of floss with a touch.


The non-toxic, sustainably harvested toothbrushes from Mable are naturally anti-bacterial and smartly ergonomic.

GLO Brilliant

The efficacy of LED light and heat to whiten teeth is still a matter of debate, but if you’re willing to give it a try, the GLO Brilliant device for $220, promises long-lasting tooth whitening.


Earlier this year, German startup Wingbrush raised more than $375,000 on Kickstarter for their Interdentalbürste (don’t worry, that just means “interdental brush”). The device resembles a hole punch and promises to provide an easier floss.