70+ Jobs in AI Plus Google’s Attempt to Fix the News

(Normally you’ll be getting this on Tuesday. But yesterday was not a real Tuesday, so here we are. Here’s more on the new look emails from Uncubed).

Google News has been all over Google News lately. (How about that?) The revamped Google News app includes a Full Coverage feature which uses AI to deliver news from different perspectives, not just the ones you’re prone to agree with. De-personalized news, if you will. Get it for iOS here and Android here.

Separately, Google employees are up in arms over the expansion of the Pentagon’s Project Maven, which uses Google’s AI in military applications. These are heady times around the kombucha coolers in Mountain View.

Enough Google, but let’s stick with AI and talk storms.

Friday kicks off the annual Atlantic hurricane season, and forecasters are calling for ‘above normal’ activity, fraying the nerves of the region and certainly those of Puerto Rico, where the newly updated death toll from Hurricane Maria has topped 4,600.

Quartz has a good read on AI’s hurricane applications and why real-live humans are critical to the tech.

Need a refresh on AI? Read Uncubed’s guide here.

Here‘s a quick list of 70+ AI-related jobs, from Dropbox, Netflix, and more.

Think AI is for the birds, but want to work in finance or accounting for the tech leader in billboards and other outdoor ads? Check out Adstruc’s NYC openings for Junior AccountantController, and more.