75 Dollar Coffee

We're talking a thousand bucks for a pot. (Via Giphy)

One Liquid Gold Machiatto, Please

$75 cups of “Elda Geisha 803” coffee sold out at Klatch Coffee in San Francisco. (We suspect this may not help in prevailing national wealth divide conversation.)

But for those of us looking for a simple sandwich, food delivery tech continues to boom.

Check out jobs in food delivery at Yelp, DoorDash, Square and others.

Call Me Maybe

The FCC is considering making all carriers block robocalls. Please. Please.

Like the telephony? Check out the related jobs including at Twilio, VISA, Iterable, and Airbnb.

Remote Location

The office is kaput. Well, not quite – but hard to find a hotter work topic than remote workers and teams right now.

Here’s a great read from Montreal-based Stripe engineer Julia Evans, who breaks down her experience after 4 years of remote work.

Power Play

Slack is the new electricity, apparently.

The productivity platform is headed towards IPO.

And productivity itself, has become a sector and skillset. Here are 1,000+ jobs in and around productivity.


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