786 New Jobs at Netflix, Peloton, Fitbit, and More

The Business

Amazon is bringing high tech to the old-school with Amazon Go, a cashier-free convenience store, opening to the public today in Seattle.

Don’t bother trying to shoplift, per The New York Times – Amazon’s all-seeing service will charge you for it in the end.

If you’re shopping for a new job, we’ve got you covered – as in 786 open roles at Audicus, StyleLikeU, Peloton, Birchbox, Fitbit, Netflix, Animoto, Ghostery, and Postlight.

StyleLikeU – Social Media Manager & Distribution Strategist

New York’s StyleLikeU explores the world of fashion from a radically different perspective – self-acceptance. The growing team is looking for a passionate social media guru, with experience in analytics, copy editing, and content optimization. Apply here.

Peloton – 124 New Jobs

Turns out in-home fitness doesn’t have to mean a sad treadmill in the basement. New York’s Peloton is improving exercise for everyone, and that means they’re on the hunt for everyone from hardware hackers to supply chain superheroes. Take their open jobs out for a spin right here.

Birchbox – 16 New Jobs

Seven years later, the beauty subscription service from Birchbox is still going strong. They’re hiring for biz dev, creative, engineering, and more out of New York and London. Beautify your career and check out their open roles.

Audicus – VP of Marketing

New York’s Audicus is changing lives with affordable hearing aids built for the 21st century. They’re on the hunt for a VP of Marketing with at least eight years of experience in customer acquisition and funnel marketing. Apply here.

Animoto – 5 New Jobs

New York’s Animoto is bringing video production to everyone – and their recent partnership with Facebook and the Small Business Alliance is only expanding that reach. If you love these new-fangled moving pictures, now’s your chance – Animoto is hiring for 5 open roles.

Ghostery – Growth Marketing Manager

We’re big fans of the tech from Ghostery, which disables and blocks the slew of tracking beacons that slow your browser and take your data. They’re on the hunt for a Growth Marketing Manager out of New York. If you have 3 or more years of experience in growth, product, or marketing roles at a B2C tech company, get in touch.

Fitbit – 173 New Jobs

Fitbit has become the biggest tracking platform since the NSA. Why not join them? Get your job hunt back on track and have a look at their 162 new jobs.

Postlight – 2 Open Jobs

New York’s Postlight is, quite simply, one of the coolest digital agencies around, working for clients like Bloomberg, Vice, and Sports Illustrated. They’re on the hunt for a product manager and product designer, and they’re remote worker-friendly – get all the details right here.

Netflix – 463 New Jobs

Netflix is heading into the awards season with some serious buzz. Why not join the team? Binge watch their whopping 463 new jobs – most out of Los Angeles and Los Gatos, California – right here.