81 jobs at BuzzFeed, Tremor Video, Kettle, and Jetaport

Watch out, West Side. The 7 trains are coming.

The Business

Against all odds, change is coming to the MTA – the 7 line’s new 34th Street-Hudson Yards station is set to open on September 13, bringing service to the far edge of Manhattan’s West Side. Adjust your maps, and adjust those Monday blues – it’s time for the Business.

BuzzFeed – 54 Open Jobs

We like to feature companies hiring for a variety of jobs in the Business – with a list of gigs ranging from QA Engineer to Junior Animals Staff Writer, we’d say BuzzFeed qualifies. The new media giant attracts over 200 million unique visitors per month, or more quantifiably, everybody on your newsfeed, all the time. Let’s see if these jobs attract you – over 50 at BuzzFeed, here.

Tremor Video – 14 Open Jobs

Video ads have come a long way since Fabio couldn’t believe it wasn’t butter. At the forefront of video ad tech’s rapid advancements: Tremor Video. The NY-based company claims to employ everybody from popcorn masters to Deadheads. In more concrete terms, they’re hiring for business, engineering, and sales roles, here.

Kettle – 8 Open Jobs

No, not the chips – Kettle is an independent digital agency that boasts clients like American Express and Sesame Street. They’ve also got an extensive snack supply and a nap room, which sure doesn’t hurt. Kettle is hiring for dev, UX, HR, and creative roles in New York, here.

Jetaport – 5 Open Jobs

We can all handle the small headaches of booking a hotel room. Booking hotel rooms for large groups, however, provides no small headache. Jetaport’s tech makes booking blocks of hotel rooms easy. Check in on Jetaport’s roles, ranging from Senior PHP Engineer to Business Development Lead, here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).