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9 accelerators and startups for and by military veterans

Getting a startup off the ground is daunting for any entrepreneur, but a handful of accelerators aimed at providing support for veteran entrepreneurship have helped to spawn a generation of young companies headed by military veterans.

Vet-Tech is a startup accelerator in the Silicon Valley with a portfolio ranging from food delivery services to electronic cigarette manufacturers, all led by or involving veteran entrepreneurs. Victory Spark is a mentor-driven seed accelerator the supports startups run by veteran entrepreneurs all over the country, and The Bunker, based in Chicago, provides six months of space in the 1871 offices and a whole gamut of early business support.

And veteran-founded startups are also popping up all over the United States. D.C. based transportation-solution RideScout was founded by a pair of Army veterans, and came about when CEO Joseph Kopser became frustrated with his commute to the Pentagon. Team Rubicon wasn’t just started by military vets – it utilizes the skills and experiences of other veterans for emergency response teams. The Marine-founded team offers relief services both in the United States and abroad.

Founded by female veterans, TurboPup produces meal replacement bars for dogs, coming in flavors like Bacon and Peanut Butter, sure to make us bland protein bar-eating humans jealous. And ID.me is an online identity tool at first intended specifically for members of the military to gain access to discounts and savings, but now available for all.

Many more veteran-run startups have launched with the intent of helping other veterans navigate post-service life. UniteUs is a resource network for vets, and Hire Purpose assists veterans in finding work.

Now go forth (and salute).


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