9 Amazing, Educational Tech Toys for Kids

The next generation has the opportunity to connect with technology as none have before. These affordable robots are a great way to get young STEM enthusiasts engaged with the future. Check out 9 amazing, educational tech toys for kids.



Offering both the Evo and Bit, Ozobot creates mini robots with block-based graphical programming language that are suited for children as young as 4. 

Anki Cozmo


Cozmo by Anki learns and grows along with its user, and this “supercomputer on treads” is equipped with a development kit to entice little learners. 

Makeblock Starter Kit


Intended for budding builders and coders, the Makeblock Starter Kit lets users build a robot tank or car while learning electronic essentials and graphic-based programming. 

LEGO Mindstorms EV3


Melding familiar LEGO shapes with programmable motors and sensors, the Mindstorm EV3 utilizes a beloved brand to connect young minds to science. 

Robolink Kits


Kids can create a mechanical crab, a trailer truck or a copter drone with crafty kits from Robolink. Their CoDrone and Rokit programs also offer easy entry to the coding world via Arduino. 

Sphero SPRK Edition


Combining coding with curiosity, the SPRK+ from Sphero provides every STEM starter a well-rounded introduction – it’s also one of the coolest tech toys we’ve ever played with. 

Wonder Workshop Dash/Dot


The award-winning Cleverbot line from Wonder features programmable robots for kids 6+. Both the advanced Dash and introductory Dot promise to stimulate STEM sensibilities. 

Marty The Robot


Starting with Scratch-based basic coding, young users of Marty The Robot can eventually graduate to Python and C++ while also learning electronics and mechanical engineering. 



littleBits offers a variety of modular bits and kits so young makers (8 and up) can turn from bored button-pushers into real rockin’ roboticists.