9 Awesome Walking Tour Apps

Put the map down.

Roam In a Day

A staple of any great tourist experience, the grand tour has gone digital. We’ve got 9 awesome walking tour apps and driving tour apps to help you stay in the know.


City-centric walking tour app Detour offers immersive audio tours of niche neighborhoods worldwide. Find the French Quarter’s best cocktail or see the modern architecture of Silver Lake.


If you’re hip to history or an architecture enthusiast, Historypin is the user-generated content app for you. Geared more towards locals, here both individuals and institutions upload photos and stories that deepen users relationships to places and people.

Roadside America

Focusing on the United States’ particularly unique and quirky attractions, Roadside America is a coast-to-coast compendium of weird wonders and off-ramp oddities.

Just Ahead

This offline app is optimized for being on-the-road. Just Ahead features content from award-winning travel writers and professional narration so users can listen along as they drive the highway or explore a national landmark.


Available in over 60 cities worldwide, Tripscout provides downloadable audio and map-based guides to world-class locales. Use it and you’re equipped to avoid roaming charges in Rome or wasting data in Dublin.


The walking tour app GeoTourist is centered around user-generated content. Upload your own local guides; or enable GPS, click on a nearby topic of interest, and get an enriching walking tour.

Field Trip

Emphasizing spontaneous discovery, Field Trip serves users pop-up notifications based on their location and interests. Whether wandering locally or abroad, the app alerts you of eateries and opportunities that otherwise might be missed.

Rick Steves Europe

Long-celebrated travel enthusiast Rick Steves brings decades of international knowledge to his continental travel guide. Shorter than most on techie frills, the app nonetheless compensates with depth and authority.

Cities Talking

Covering nearly 30 urban destinations worldwide, walking tour app Cities Talking is a properly-curated guide of walking tours spanning Boston to Berlin.