9 Great Job Resources for Freelance Writers

Some good old fashioned engaging.

Every aspiring scribe checks Craigslist for that big break, and every wannabe writer refreshes Mediabistro as though it were Reddit. If, however, you want to score solid freelance writing gigs that your competitors just might overlook, here are nine great job resources for freelance writers.


FlexJobs is a database premised on the idea that work just shouldn’t be office drudgery. With extensive writer listings featured, even the contracts that aren’t freelance might just feel like they are.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs isn’t, like most options, a searchable database. This alternative resource puts up a blogpost every weekday simply linking to notable opportunities that caught its estimable eye.


The quality-controlled freelance writing job listings on BloggingPro are updated regularly. A great resource for its legitimate list of freelance blogging and remote copywriting opportunities.

Study Hall

While this listserv requires a modest monthly Patreon contribution, the freelance writing job resource Study Hall is an under-the-radar resource that peppers great freelance listings amongst its handy thoughts and tidbits on writing-for-hire.

Journalism Jobs

While clearly catering to a much wider industry Journalism Jobs’ writing listings are a must check for anyone working on turning prose into profit.

All Freelance Writing

Offering a curated list of opportunities culled from the wider web, All Freelance Writing
separates the writing wheat from the cents-per-post chaff.


ProBlogger‘s job listings are thorough and frequently updated, with the majority offering legitimate pay for the copywriting or blogposting workload.

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing has a well-built criteria-based searchable database as noteworthy for what it returns and what it lets you exclude (later Craig!).

Morning Coffee

Mixing exclusive listings with an aggregation of gigs from across the web, the Morning Coffee newsletter (also from Freelance Writing) is a curated
daily briefing for in-the-know pro wordsmiths.