9 Hiring Auto Tech Companies Revolutionizing How We Get Around

From autonomous vehicles to electric vehicle charging stations and even to on-demand roadside assistance apps, the auto industry is innovating at a rapid rate, and is predictably attracting some of the brightest minds in tech. Sound like a sector you’d like to be a part of? Here are 9 hiring auto tech companies that are revolutionizing the way we get around.

    • Zoox: With nearly $800 million in funding, and a new CEO in the fold, and the first permit to transport passengers in self-driving cars in California, Zoox has established itself as a major player in the still nascent autonomous vehicle industry. Zoox’s bidirectional, zero-emissions vehicles are being built in-house at the company’s Foster City, California headquarters, where they’re looking to fill dozens of roles ranging from advanced hardware to to vehicle systems engineering — see them all here.
    • Optimus Ride: On the other side of the country, a team rooted out of MIT is testing its fleet of autonomous vehicles in 15 communities across Massachusetts. Optimus Ride’s systems can be integrated into any vehicle type, and are a key component in an ambitious “smart” community project in Weymouth, Massachusetts. Feel like transforming your career path? See Optimus Ride’s openings in engineering, product development, and operations here.
    • Drive.aiOne more self-driving car startup? Why not. If you find yourself driving around in Frisco, Texas, Drive.ai’s autonomous vehicles will be hard to miss. With message-bearing LED screens and a bright orange paint job, Drive.ai aims to make pedestrians and human drivers more comfortable with the autonomous vehicles in their midst. Though their cars are on the road in Texas, Drive.ai’s open jobs are in Mountain View, California. See them all here.
    • Zendrive: Let’s move on to some other hiring auto tech companies outside of the autonomous vehicle space. Whether or not the thought of a driverless car speeding your way makes you nervous, we can all agree that a human driver speeding your way probably should. That’s why Zendrive leverages data and analytics captured from drivers’ smartphones to identify instances of unsafe driving and encourage safer practices. See their open roles in San Francisco and Bangalore, India here.
    • MojioIf your watch or your electrical outlet or your blender is smart, why isn’t your car? Mojio’s out to change that, as they spearhead a future in which every car on the road is connected, providing myriad data that can enable better car maintenance, safety, efficiency, and more. Check out Mojio’s openings in Vancouver and the Bay Area, here.
    • Honk: Should you find yourself on the side of the road with a smoking engine and a few tools you don’t know how to use, Honk’s 24/7 roadside assistance platform would likely come in handy (unless you remain partial to waving your arms at passing cars, of course.) Here’s some assistance: Los Angelenos can find engineering, operations, and other gigs at Honk here.
    • Getaround: If you’re not forever scarred by the valet scene in Ferris Bueller, you may be interested in letting strangers borrow your car in exchange for money on Getaround. Another way of earning an income via Getaround: working there. They’ve got dozens of open roles all over the country and beyond, here.
    • Vroom: Vroom continues to assert itself as a leader amongst both online car marketplaces and hiring auto tech companies named after onomatopoeias. They’ve got dozens of open roles in New York City and Texas, here.
    • Volta Industries: As car purchasers continue to go electric, so too must local fueling stations. Volta Industries’ nationwide network of electric vehicle charging stations provide an increasingly necessary service, and better yet, they’re free for drivers to use — brands foot the bill in exchange for ad space on each charging port. Volta’s openings are largely based in New York, ranging from media sales to engineering and beyond. See them all here.