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90 jobs at ZocDoc, Meetup, Hinge, and CommonBond

The Westminster Dog Show starts today. We can barely get our dogs to chase a tennis ball. On the bright side, we’ve got nearly a hundred jobs in this week’s Business. Let’s get to it.

ZocDoc – 53 Open Jobs

ZocDoc was once a fledgling medical appointment platform. Once. Now it’s valued at over a billion dollars and hiring huge in New York. Over 50 gigs in engineering, marketing, recruiting and more are attractive enough. That ZocDoc was named a Fortune Great Place to Work is icing on the sugar-free, health-conscious cake. Keep your job prospects healthy here.

Meetup – 20 Open Jobs

For everything from pet photography to Bronies, there’s a Meetup. For everyone from growth strategists to full stack engineers, there’s a Meetup job. (Knowledge of Brony culture is not required.) See what Meetup’s got available here.

Hinge – 5 Open Jobs

Some are saying Hinge will be to Tinder what Facebook was to Myspace. The legacy of the top 8 notwithstanding, the future does indeed look bright for the dating platform. They’re hiring for a handful of tech and creative gigs here.

CommonBond – 12 Open Jobs

Student loan debt is scary. Being jobless with student loan debt is downright terrifying. CommonBond’s got both the service and the job openings to cure your ills – their 12 openings range from product manager to “general all-star”. Get started here.

Now go forth (and give ‘em the business).


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