A degree for Martians and a job on Mars?

| 3 years ago

Liftoff. (via GIPHY)

Space Raise: A career in mining may not sound so thrilling — but what if that career in mining means a job on Mars? 

The Colorado School of Mines is preparing students to colonize other planets and moons through raw resource extraction, space systems engineering, and even seminars on how earthly concepts such as law and economics might function elsewhere in the galaxy. No word on whether you’d have to pay back your student loans from Venus.

No Longer 21: Is fast fashion fast becoming a thing of the past? Forever 21 has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and will close 350 stores worldwide. Of course, that doesn’t mean shoppers are going to drop — here are some of the best job openings in ecommerce.

A Public Reckoning: What was once a promising runup to an IPO has turned into a cataclysmic month for WeWork. And the impact may stretch far beyond your nearest coworking space — a rocky year for IPOs as a whole has private investors reconsidering valuation standards for software companies. 

Lab Gab: No, you’re not stuck on the set of a Beverly Hills Chihuahua reboot — that dog really might be talking to you. Researchers in Georgia are developing wearable tech for service dogs that’ll enable them to trigger voice messages and notify other people when their owners need help. 

Been wanting to get into wearables? Take a look at these open gigs.


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