A Fashion-Forward Startup Discovering New Talent

TrendSeeder helps young designers find an audience

Einstein was a patent clerk who revolutionized physics while slacking off on the job. Wallace Stevens was an insurance salesman who wrote poetry on the side. For TrendSeeder founder and CEO Avani Patel, her path to high-fashion was also one of split attention. [SPLIT ATTENTION?]

While studying at Northwestern Law, Patel started her own clothing line, but after moving to New York and working in corporate law, she was too busy to keep the business going. After a few years, however, Patel realized her heart was still in the garment game. She left the firm and enrolled in Columbia Business School.

Patel graduated in May and TrendSeeder’s pilot site launched on July 4. An e-commerce platform that connects emerging designers with fashion-forward consumers, TrendSeeder features curated selections from one designer a week, along with an interview and profile.

“[TrendSeeder is] based on my personal experiences and then seeing other designers go through the same difficulties I went through,” Patel said. “Unless you have the backing to spend a lot of marketing dollars or you have connections in the fashion industry, it’s very difficult to get your name out there and for people to see your stuff.”

“We’re trying to help designers go from our platform,” Patel said, “to selling at Barneys or Saks.”

TrendSeeder features both men’s and women’s fashion. Take a look here.

Now go forth (and keep your day job – for now).

Nitty Gritty:

1943: Year of the first New York Fashion Week

10-15: Time, in minutes, of the average runway show

1: Pulitzer Prizes won by Stevens, for Collected Poems


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