A Site for the Undecided New Yorker Launches Today

Vimbly launches today, simplifies the search for something to do

If you’re still undecided about the election, we’re not sure we can help you. But if it’s indecision about where to take a bowling class in New York, we just might have something.

Startup Vimbly* is aiming to help the undecided – or overwhelmed – New Yorker. The site launches today, allowing users the chance to find and book activities and classes around New York, sorted by price, location, and genre.

Co-founder Sam Lundin was inspired to create Vimbly when his own search for an intro photography class turned into a harrowing ordeal. “With Google, I got a slew of results…” Lundin told us. “Half of them were in the wrong part of town, some were two pm on Tuesday, others were six sessions – not what I wanted. After I finally found a class… I thought, this just took me three hours.”

Vimbly is looking to improve that experience by offering a curated selection of activities that is easily navigated. Categories include Martial Arts, Food Adventures, and “Make Me Interesting”, an assortment of belly dancing, trapeze, and DJ lessons, among others. “If it were purely up to me, it would be nothing but classes about break dancing and glass blowing,” Lundin said. “Unfortunately people don’t find those as interesting as I do.”

Make yourself more interesting, check out Vimbly’s class offerings here. Vimbly is also hiring – contact the team here.

Now go forth (and choose one).

*Fast forward to 2016 and Vimbly is listed as one of the coolest companies to work for in NYC!


Nitty Gritty:

60: # of activities in the Make Me Interesting category

3: # of pole dancing classes offered

13: # of ballroom dancing classes offered


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