A summer full of off-roading adventures

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Careers in CS

Customer service is one of the best ways to learn about a company’s culture and how to quickly solve challenges. It’s empowering to help others and teaches you that no matter how advanced tech gets, people will always find a way to forget their passwords. If you’re excited to engage users and embark on this journey, then consider companies like trucking transportation specialist Transfix, which is hiring a Customer Experience Associate. You can also see our most recent FT and PT customer service roles here.

Shape the future of digital publishing at Meredith

Launching historic publishers into the modern day digital hemisphere is all well and good, but what challenges await today’s up and coming class of hungry developers? If this is a question you ponder frequently, you’ll want to research careers like this Front End Web Developer and Client Services Manager at Meredith.

Does a foosball table count as furniture?

Google – which might and Twitter have been featured by countless outlets for quickly embracing remote work culture as a long term play, but will this have a ripple effect throughout the tech industry for businesses (like picking up a side hustle as a furniture influencer in Google’s case)? One of Uncubed’s fearless leaders, Tarek Pertew, who also goes by his alter ego Tarak Pertew because sometimes video editors manually enter names and make mistakes, gives his take to NY1 through the use of, you guessed it, remote video.

Sales reps needed

If the relentless pursuit of selling digital products is a career objective, then being a Sales Development Representative at CodeFights is an experience you won’t want to pass by. Selling a recruiting platform that help people discover, develop and promote technical talent will be your task at hand as you work closely with Account Executives to help close deals. Want to know who else is hiring to help with sales efforts? Sonatype, Airware, and Headspin are all in need of relationship builders at the moment.

In the midst of an early career transition? Read this.

Other than adding the word “mask” to the old “phone, wallet, keys” routine before leaving the house, COVID-19 is having a lasting impact on the way we live life. Notably, technical achievements amplified by this pandemic are going to set the tone for what businesses will attract early professionals. So what industries does CNBC suggest as a starting point? Digital payments, cybersecurity, and companies that invest in machine learning to name a few.

Here’s why off roading this summer is now even easier

We’re ending this week’s Intel with a look at a summer activity we think you’ll appreciate: off-roading. The ability to jump in a car and hit a trail or body of water that has some element of epic fail is a welcome activity for those who have been hunkered down in their domicile. And thanks to these five pieces of technology (well six if you count the vehicle you’re in), it’s even more likely you can bring your car back in one piece.

Did we pique your interest with the idea of building a better kind of car only to try and destroy it? Well then, we’d like to inform you that Sila Nanotechnologies is driving to great lengths to find an Automotive Program Manager.




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