The (actual) end of an era

| 2 years ago

Your local movie theater, circa 2018 (via GIPHY)

And The Credits Roll: Long gone are the glory days of MoviePass, when the gates to your local multiplex swung wide open to anyone willing to pay a monthly fee equivalent to the cost of an jumbo-sized popcorn. But believe it or not, MoviePass — or some hobbled, deteriorating version of MoviePass — has continued to operate in the year-plus since its well-documented tailspin. No longer: MoviePass is dead.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Streaming: Facebook’s mutation into a tech giant that does, well, just about everything, has continued over the past two weeks — and so have many users’ privacy concerns. First: the U.S. launch of Facebook Dating, which includes a “Secret Crush” feature that allows users to select which Facebook friends they’d date. (Presumably, each “Secret Crush” is only revealed if the interest is mutual, or if some shadowy consulting firm with access to your data feels like tattling.) Now, Facebook is launching a streaming device that can watch you while you watch TV.

(To ease your mind, how about some exciting new gigs in the wide world of streaming?)

Need For Speed: These first five versions of Wi-Fi? Archaic. An organization known as the Wi-Fi Alliance has announced that the newest, fastest, and most secure iteration of Wi-Fi technology is available for gadgets that can support it. So, who’ll get to experience this brave new world of Wi-Fi first? Probably those people waiting in line at your local Apple Store — the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro will both support Wi-Fi 6.

Buzz, Buzz: Those of us with desk jobs may have a hard time remembering a world without Slack. But for workers in blue-collar fields, communication tools have lagged behind. Beekeeper aims to address this gap, having raised a $45 million Series B to grow their platform. 

Art, Sans Ad? OK, creatives: who wants $100 million? The blockchain company Coil, Mozilla, and Creative Commons have teamed up to distribute a nine-figure sum to creators and others looking to take an ad-free approach to monetizing their work. For those of you in the hunt for full-time work, here’s a handful of creative gigs worth checking out.