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Jivox offers advertisers and publishers a DIY solution

In the last ten years creative people have become engineers and analysts. Artists study their click-through rates, musicians spend more time fiddling with Garage Band than their guitar, and poets write odes to Visual Basic. (Maybe not that last one.)

Founded in 2007, Jivox grew out of founder Diaz Nesamoney’s belief that an advertiser shouldn’t have to be an expert programmer or design pro to create a great ad.

The company’s self-serve platform allows both advertisers and publishers to create, embed, and analyze interactive video content with minimal expertise. Their technology is used by media companies like College Humor, Sun Times Media, and Martha Stewart Omnimedia and brand advertisers like Google and General Motors.

“Right now, advertisers can target their campaigns to users based on location or previous searches,” Nesamoney told us. “But what about, say, your schedule for the day? Or the current weather? You’re much more likely to buy an umbrella when it’s raining and you’re going to an interview. That’s where the industry is headed.”

The company is looking for a sales manager/director – get the details here.

Now go forth (and roll film).


Nitty Gritty:

60: # of Jivox employees

7: # of ads alongside the Facebook newsfeed

6: # of those ads promising to find you love



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