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Adafruit’s Becky Stern encourages techies to make their own wearables

Becky Stern models the Electron Bow. Image courtesy Becky Stern/Adafruit.

Wear the Wild Things

Not long ago, wearable tech typically meant nothing more than a calculator watch. Today it’s possible to cover every inch of your body in a fitness-tracking, text-messaging device of some kind.

But wearable tech doesn’t have to mean impersonal, mass-manufactured electronics.

Becky Stern is director of wearable electronics for the electronics-hacking ecommerce site Adafruit. She’s also a major evangelist in the growing DIY-wearables scene, countering typically glossy tech with punk rock flair.

Stern has developed a cult following on YouTube for her instructional videos and her nearly 800 tutorials on Adafruit cover everything from creating an LED Sequin Bow Tie to Laser Dog Goggles.

“My work in wearables started long before the first Fitbit, Stern said. “It doesn’t aim to be mass-produced, but rather radically customized through the interpretation of instructions I publish. Wearables are so personal that I think it’s heavy­handed to suppose that one [product] will work the same way for everyone.”

Want to start building? Check out Stern’s site and learn more.

Now go forth (and forget ready to wear).


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