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AI Beating Humans 99.4% of the Time

The cost of kitty forts just went up. (Source: Giphy)

Plastic Bagged

New York recently became the 2nd state to ban plastic bags. And now NYC is introducing a 5 cent charge on plastic AND paper bags, to further curb single use waste.

Want a job in sustainability? Check these out including at Allbirds, LimeBike, HelloFresh, and more.

No AI in Team

Think we have a chance against AI? We don’t. At least in gaming.

OpenAI (the non-profit charged with building “friendly AI”, incidentally) built AI bots to compete with human teams playing Dota 2. AI beat the top human team in 99.4% of 7,257 matches. We have some work to do.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Here are AI and “AI-adjacent” jobs at Squarespace, Netflix, C3, Calm, Ring, and more.

Kohl Comfort

What’s a retailer to do when Amazon eats their lunch? Process their junk, apparently. Beleagured Kohl’s stock price soared after the announcement that it would begin processing Amazon returns at all locations.

Retail is a’changin’, that’s for sure. And these companies are shaping its future: browse jobs at Moda Operandi, ZX Ventures, Accenture, Instacart, and more.


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