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AI jobs are opening up in all kinds of industries

Robots: decidedly corporate.

Machine Earning

Another week, another Stephen Hawking warning of humanity’s impending doom. Instead of fretting over a robot apocalypse, let’s take a look at one major impact of artificial intelligence: cool jobs, oftentimes in industries you wouldn’t expect.

Fun and Games

How do CPU characters make decisions in video games? That’s the job of AI programmers, who create algorithms for movement, strategy, camera control, and more. The toy industry is experiencing an AI influx as well – robotics software engineer roles at companies like autonomous toy car producer Anki are aplenty.


Uncle Sam’s been hiring AI specialists for quite a while now – military and aviation electricians work with drones and flight simulators, and computer vision experts may find work with police departments that use facial recognition software. And of course there’s NASA, and their Quantum Artificial Intelligence Laboratory – you’ll want a hefty background in quantum computing before prepping your CV for this one.

Art, or Artifice?

A career in artificial intelligence doesn’t necessarily mean working for the man; you can be an uncommonly science-minded artist. From computer-assisted symphonies to paintings and sculptures, the arts are fast becoming AI’s domain.

Taking Medicine

Though Stephen Hawking may not be thrilled about the relationship between AI and our future livelihood, robotics have been an added boon to the medical field. Jobs range from surgical technicians who work with robotic tools to medical health professionals who produce and give patients prosthetics, hearing aids, vision restoration devices, and even artificial limbs – you can dive deep into how the medical field is applying AI here.

OK, Computer

The humble developer is sure to find work as AI-related fields continue to advance. You’ll find plenty of openings at tech behemoths’ AI divisions like IBM’s Watson, and many smaller AI startups are hiring as well. And if your degree doesn’t fit the bill, here are a handful of universities with graduate programs specializing in artificial intelligence – good luck getting in.

Now go forth (and work intelligently).


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