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AI for Office Hoops Pools

Tommy from accounting picked the wrong upsets again. (Source: Giphy / CBS)

Buckets of Data

Office March Madness brackets are in full effect – disrupting productive offices everywhere.

Adobe built this nifty data-driven tool (well, it’s really an ad campaign) to pick the winners of every game.

Speaking of data, here are a great many roles in data science – including at Lyft, CreditKarma, MongoDB, Flexport, CBInsights, and Pinterest.

Lunch, Eaten

Smart security gadgets are poised to outsell traditional home security systems 2-to-1 per a new report.

That’s good news for Ring (hiring for several open roles) and other security gadget companies.

A Marketer’s Market

Let this sink in: digital marketing spend is about to surpass traditional marketing spend at least per this report.

In other words, it’s a good time to be a digital marketer. Here are companies looking for one including Accenture, HelloFresh, Etsy, and 1stdibs.