Are AIs screening your job apps?

| 2 years ago


Springer Nature

Many companies are prepping to take time away over the holidays, but it’s not too late to send in a job app or two before they do. Here’s one role worth considering: an IT Business Architect gig at research, educational, and professional publisher Springer Nature. 

Structural Change

As for a different type of architecture: apparently we can 3D print entire neighborhoods now. International nonprofit New Story is aiming to provide affordable housing by 3D printing a series of 500-square-foot homes in rural Mexico.

Feel inspired? We’ve got a collection of jobs in 3D printing waiting for you.

Hi, AI

What’s new in the world of AI this week? Well, AI is screening your job applications. AI is moderating your Instagram captions. And, according to ZDNet, AI and machine learning is opening up new opportunities for developers and data scientists.

(Hint: here are some of those opportunities.)

Remotely Possible

Find a mentor. Focus on one thing only. And try not to get so damn lonely. Those are just 3 of FastCo’s 9 tips for getting better at working remotely.

Our tip: start by landing a remote gig in the first place. Here are a bunch of ‘em.

A Developing Talent Pool

Here’s a fascinating read to wrap up this week’s edition: The Atlantic on prisoners who are learning to code and the companies who’ve offered them jobs on the outside.

Enjoy the holidays, everyone. We’ll see you next decade.


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