All Aboard Amazon Airlines and More of the Biggest Stories in Tech

Last night, Amazon unveiled its first Prime Air branded cargo plane

What Happened?

It was a big week. You might have missed something.

Afraid to Merge?
Forget VC. It’s all about M&A apparently. Tesla announced a $2.6 billion acquisition of solar power company SolarCity. Chinese ride-sharing powerhouse Didi Chuxing picked up all the assets of Uber China on Monday. Walmart is rumored to have interest in buying Amazon rival Jet. Kanye politely asked Apple to purchase music-streaming service Tidal. And Instagram acquired Snapchat (figuratively, at least).

You Know We’re in Trouble When Reality and James Cameron Movies Have Become Indistinguishable
American startup Moon Express has become the first private enterprise in history to receive FAA clearance to travel beyond earth’s orbit. The company plans to land a robotic spaceship on the moon in 2017 to survey for future mining ventures, which should end well.

Karma Points Available
Want to use those tech skills for good? Check out Grindr’s Hack4Equality, a global, seven-week hackathon to help the LGBTQ community – it kicks off tomorrow.

Strange Bedfellows
In a first for Las Vegas’ annual Black Hat hacker conference, Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign held a fundraiser.

Bloody Hell
On Monday, Theranos tried to pivot at a presentation for the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, but people weren’t buying it. This dispatch from CNN is worth your time, featuring details like the following: “When [founder Elizabeth] Holmes showed the video of the machine at work, a couple dozen scientists held up their phones high above their heads recording video as if they were at a rock concert.”

Kicking Point
Kickstarter trumpeted a study from the University of Pennsylvania that finds successfully funded projects have created 8,800 new companies and nonprofits, as well as 29,600 new jobs. And in a nice bit of synergy, Amazon launched the Kickstarter Collection, a storefront for successfully produced products.

Check ‘Em Out
Happy birthday to our friends at Daily Water Cooler, celebrating three years of curated news and viral content.

You Thought Zika Was Bad?
There are no Pokémon in Rio.


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