All’s Fair

A scene from last year's Chicago Uncubed

An Uncubed success story from Delivered Innovation

Allison Park came to last October’s Chicago Uncubed because she was tired of the corporate grind. “I was the head of the IT department at a big corporation,” Park said. “But I wanted to do something different – more technically challenging and closer to the hands-on process.”

After researching the companies attending, Park hit the Uncubed floor. “I was really focused,” she told us. “I knew exactly what companies I wanted to talk to.”

When she spoke with Delivered Innovation founder and CTO Mike Topalovich, the two immediately hit it off. “When we started to see that the people at Uncubed were already familiar with the company,” Topalovich said, “and had gone through a process of self-selection, we thought it was too good to be true. And Allison was amazing.”

The next day Park met with Topalovich and the rest of his team at their offices. The next week she had accepted a job with Delivered Innovation. Now five months later, Park can’t imagine not making the move. “I’m so much happier in this kind of entrepreneurial startup environment,” she said. “I really love it.”

Uncubed is returning to Chicago next week, Thursday April 4. Get the full lineup of employers, sponsors, and events – and it’s a full one – and score tickets for Uncubed here. Use the promo code Wakefield and you’ll get 50% off the ticket price.

Now go forth (and say hello to Allison and Mike at Uncubed).


Nitty Gritty:

1967: Year the office cubicle was released by Herman Miller, under the name Action Office II.

40+: # of companies hiring at Chicago Uncubed

0: # of reasons Chicagoans shouldn’t attend



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