Amazing Artisanal Edible E-tail

The best in New York’s indie foods, delivered

Until you’ve actually tried to eat your weight in kohlrabi or some other phonetically challenging vegetable, a subscription to the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) sounds great. It’s just not for everybody.

Some of us would be much more apt to join if it were artisanal peanut butter cookies, biscotti, and ginger snaps being delivered instead of Martian produce. Thank God for New York Mouth — the online indie food marketplace and subscription service features the best in handmade and small-batch foods.

New York Mouth is the brainchild of Craig Kanarick, co-founder of legendary digital agency Razorfish and lifelong foodie. “The idea came from a visit to a butcher shop in Williamsburg,” Kanarick told us. “I asked why they weren’t doing any ecommerce. The guy was covered in blood and holding a cleaver, and he said, ‘Look at me, you think I’m going to build a website?”

That was two years ago. Today, the site boasts over 90 merchants’ wares, with 500 or so more waiting to be tried out. And Kanarick often gets an in-person first look. “I would say maybe half of them drop off the merchandise themselves, because they’re startups. Yesterday we had two makers just show up, so we have an opportunity to sit and talk.”

Go ahead. You keep the three-headed lettuce thing. We’ll take New York Mouth’s Cookies Every Night.

Now go forth (and open wide)

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$90: Cost of the incredible BBQ Sampler


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