Animal Crossing resumes + is facial recognition facing the end?

Four months into WFH life

You can’t spell “noise” with the letters AI, can you?

Renegade utensils. Rambunctious tweens. Or maybe it’s the allure of blasting the Animal Crossing soundtrack in the background while you work alongside your significant other. If your biggest work related challenge right now is finding a quiet space, Google Meet’s latest feature might be able to help.

Now that you’ve read the article or are just a cut-to-the chase kind of human, if a job where using AI the right way sounds appealing, you’ll want to check out Research Scientist roles at OpenAI, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a path towards safe artificial general intelligence.

Now that’s how to make your resume stand out

Speaking of Animal Crossing, one island dweller in need of real bells (the currency of choice in this land of make believe) filled their village with every character from Super Smash Brothers in order to make a resume stand out. Though we don’t know if Nintendo is looking to fill any roles right now, Playstation has a great early professional job opportunity based in Southern New Jersey.

Your smarts + supercomputers = life at D.E. Shaw

Building meaningful biotech is what you’ll find at supercomputer and software maker D.E. Shaw.  They’re hiring Technical Program/Product Managers to coordinate the day-to-day execution of hardware design, software development, and manufacturing. 

Paradise building the dashboard light

Having the word intelligence in your job title is confirmation you’re a smart person, which is why we’re sharing Jerrick Media’s call for a Business Intelligence Manager. You’ll be mixing your technical prowess with an insightful approach to data, building dashboards, metrics, and processes that provide solutions to the questions that come along with running a digital media business.

A career that lets you dive right in

Insightpool is a startup focused on connecting fans to Fortune 500 companies through influencer marketing campaigns, and they’re looking for a Junior Marketing Manager to raise brand awareness. Part content creator, part sales strategist, you’ll use social data to become a thought leader within the company while guiding the lead management process.

Is facial recognition facing its day of reckoning?

We’re wrapping up this week’s Intel with a look at why IBM discontinued its facial recognition business and why other tech companies may soon follow their lead.

While facial recognition’s future looks bleak, one business that’s booming is bicycles. If being in charge of spokes and wheels sounds good, Limebike is looking for an Operations Manager to lead field operations in Portland, OR.


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