Apple Buying Tesla

Tens of millions of open-flame fires this weekend. What could go wrong?! (Via Giphy)

A Dent in the Car Industry?

The Apple buying Tesla rumors are back.

Will it happen? We don’t think so, but Tesla remains in choppy waters. Plenty of work in the future of vehicles, however. See jobs here.

NYC Events People + React.JS devs

We’re working with a well-funded fintech startup in NYC that’s looking for someone with a few years of events experience – including B2B. Opportunity to develop into a larger events + brand management role.

We’re also looking for front-end dev candidates, handy with React.js, for an innovative fintech team at a Fortune 500.

If either one sounds like you email us your resume.

Deep Dive

We just might be entering the Deep Work Era.

And this is the best guide to deep work we’ve ever seen: The Complete Guide to Deep Work

(In fairness, it’s the only guide to deep work we’ve seen. Still, it’s dang good.)

Barbeque Dreams

Long weekend ahead!

Here we send you off with the time-honored Uncubed tradition of looking at terrible barbeque tech ahead of a summer holiday.

An oldie-but-goodie from BuzzFeed: 19 Grilling Gadgets That Should Not Exist (We would argue that The Ham Dogger is actually brilliant and would break Kickstarter.)

Be safe out there. See you next week.