Apple’s worried about you, 100+ finance jobs, & Merrill Corp’s new team

Apple’s annual conference is next Monday. Among the themes? Digital health and using devices less. You read that right. (We’re a step ahead. Start with this guide.)

Acquisitions make for big headlines and cult classics (Patrick Bateman was a mergers & acquisitions specialist in American Psycho after all). But behind the scenes of every Amazon purchase of Whole Foods, there’s a complicated exchange of financial, legal, and other information. Who does all that? Merrill Corporation, for one.

Headquartered in St. Paul, MN, Merrill has quickly assembled a team of top startup talent in New York to build the platform that’s powering headline deals. This is in addition to 30+ other locations worldwide. They’re hiring. See all jobs here.

For other financial industry jobs, check out the openings at WealthfrontFidelityNoble BankPayoneer, and Affirm.

Want an actual finance role? Here are 100+ open jobs in revenue ops, bean-counting, and more from companies including Netflix, Yext, and Lumosity.


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