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Artist and hacker KATSU just changed the face of street art in NYC

Icarus One image courtesy Icarus Project

Wall of the Wild

The story of New York City graffiti covers everything from bathroom stalls to the Museum of Modern Art.

But a recent video from the artist and hacker KATSU could herald a new era in the way street artists (or vandals, depending on your perspective) ply their trade.

Last month the artist hacked a Phantom drone – attaching a spray can to the device – and used it to scribble across a massive, otherwise inaccessible, billboard of Kendall Jenner’s face on Houston Street.

And now, for better or worse, the hack is available to anyone with access to a drone and the urge to make his mark.

KATSU, along with wearables artist Becky Stern (whom we coincidentally profiled just last week) has released the specs for ICARUS ONE, an open-source spray paint drone.

“The scale one can draw with ICARUS is frightening,” KATSU said. “Imagine scrawling your name or a doodle 100 feet by 100 feet. Imagine sitting on a rooftop at night while your drone tags the building across the street. You could paint a rooftop on one busy street corner then fly over and paint one across the avenue.”

You can find out more about the ICARUS ONE right here.

Now go forth (and we’re not advocating anything illegal here).


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