Augmented Reality Will Be the New iPhone’s Killer App

Take on the future.

AR You Experienced?

When Apple (presumably) unveils new iPhones next week, there will be a lot of talk about facial recognition, wireless charging, and the “Apple Neural Engine”.

But you shouldn’t overlook perhaps the biggest innovation coming to iOS 11 – the introduction of augmented reality.

Check out 6 amazing applications for the technology that are coming to an iPhone near you.

Virtual Ikea

AR Ikea

The Swedish furnishings giant Ikea has announced they will be a launch partner for Apple’s AR platform, allowing users to place virtual furniture in the home.

Zombies Get Real

AR Zombies

A collaboration between AMC and Next Games, The Walking Dead: Our World has been described as a cross between a zombie shooter and Pokemon GO.

Augment Your Cooking

Food Network is launching In the Kitchen, an app that will, as CNBC reports, “let you create custom digital desserts, and the app will return a recipe that can help you build it in real life.”

Measure Once, Cut Once

AR Measuring Tape

While this application might be more mundane, the possibilities are life-changing. Several AR-enabled “measuring tapes” have been released already, allowing users to accurately measure a distance using only their iPhone.

Take On “Take On Me”

Who among us hasn’t wanted to stroll through the comic book world of A-ha’s classic music video “Take On Me”? Now’s your chance, with an app created by AR studio Trixi (photo above).

Virtual Pets

AR Pets

Currently in development, ARrived is a god-simulator where players must keep troublingly life-like “virtual pets” alive.

Getting Cross-Platform

If you want to learn more about augmented reality and ARKit, the software development kit that will power the innovation, check out Apple’s user interface guidelines. And you can keep up with all the latest developments at Made with ARKit.

And fear not Android users, you will not be left out of the AR revolution. Last week, Google released a preview of ARCore, an SDK that brings augmented reality to Android devices.


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