Your avocado toast and jobs in drone delivery

Avocados Forever

We may be obsessed with avocados – Americans eat more than 105 million pounds of them on Super Bowl Sunday alone – but it’s hard to find a more guilt-inducing food. You’ve got the gang violence, the drought-intensifying water requirements, and the transport impact.

At least one aspect is looking up: they’re about to last longer. A Bill Gates-backed startup called Apeel Sciences is making a natural product that delays the aging of produce, doubling their shelf life. They’re making their debut in 100 grocery stores in the Midwestern US, including 30 Costcos.

Want to work on the frontier of food? Imperfect ProduceHome Chef, and Freshly are hiring. Prefer the frontier of beer? ZX Ventures is hiring.


Trade Talks

The dust-up between the US and China over trade balance is rattling the markets today, with something like half a trillion dollars worth of stuff arriving every year from China… all of which needs shuttling around by truck, rail, and boat.

Interested in massive, complicated, logistical problem-solving? Check out Flexport and medical drone-delivery company Zipline.


Work Tech: Coffee Warmer

Sure it’s cold brew season, but for the dedicated hot coffee and tea drinkers (and those in over-air conditioned offices this summer), there’s nothing worse than that cup cooling off at your desk. Or worse yet, on the walk back to your desk.

There are fancier models, including ones with USB adapters, but here’s a highly reviewed workhorse for under twenty bucks.

Finally you can pack that office Snuggie away until winter.