Back End Engineers + NerdWallet’s UX internship

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The “First Job After College” Section

Utility Solutions Analyst

Ready to power a fleet of electric cars? Volta creates free electrical charging networks for automobiles, but they need a Utility Solutions Analyst to power up their Network Planning Team. Along with an interest in the energy sector, candidates should have a Bachelor’s Degree in an analytical field and up to three years of experience managing projects on deadline, using CRM tools, and communicating with customers.

The “First Job After College” for Software Engineers Section

Trading DevOps Engineer

Flowtraders is looking for new grads to write code that improves tech stack and systems for their infrastructure. Be ready for a coding challenge via Hackerrank as part of this interview process, and be sure to explain how proficient you are in Python, Bash, Kafka, Kubernetes, and HDFS (but maybe like don’t mention how active you are in /wallstreetbets)

Associate Back End Engineer

Philadelphia needs heroes other than Rocky, but HERO Digital in Philadelphia specifically needs an Associate Back End Engineer. A recent graduate with a degree in CS or a related technical degree, your experience developing for a CMS like Sitecore, Drupal, or AEM would be ideal to mention.

Candidates must also be proficient in the following areas: Java, J2EE, MySQL, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, Unit Testing, and Sitecore 8.X or later. 

Tech Internship of the Week

Software Engineer Intern (Services)

Anaconda (the data science platform) has a summer internship seeking currently enrolled Juniors and Seniors pursuing a Major in Computer Science or another quantitative/scientific area of study.

Working for this company, you have to be comfortable working with…you probably saw this coming…Python! When applying, mention your interest in data science, AI, and HoloViz packages because that’s what’s needed to wrap this opportunity up.

Non-Tech Internship of the Week

UX Content Strategy Intern

It’s an interesting time to be in FinTech to say the least (thanks Reddit), and we’re betting this UX Content Strategy Internship at NerdWallet is ideal for someone who can use words to make the world of personal finance even more exciting. 

Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s or Masters in Communications, English, Design, or a related field, you should be familiar with Figma and current design tools in addition to your editorial abilities.

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Resources You Can Thank Us For Later

The 🌮 Report

Why next gen restaurant software hates previous gen restaurant software

Don’t order tacos from GrubHub. Or Seamless. Or really any delivery platform if you can help it. That’s the message Lunchbox, a collection of digital ordering and marketing solutions designed for restaurants wants you to unpack the next time you order some carne asada tacos.

Lunchbox launched a website called NotGrubHub.Org to call attention to the questionable practices of select third party delivery services. We’d encourage you to review the site and possibly support a place that has fed you in some capacity.

Law & Order: Math Crime Unit is the spinoff the Internet needs to make happen 

Here at Uncubed’s remote offices, we kick off the week with one question that everyone always has a different answer for. That’s because we take turns when answering and no one likes a copycat in the office. One such question: What TV show would you bring back if you could? One Answer: Mathnet.

A detective show that solved crimes using math, Mathnet helped a generation of children from 1987 to 1992 escape tricky homework challenges.  Except for that one cold case of pi, which feels like it’s gone on forever at this point.

What show would you bring back? Email us at [email protected]