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Bag To The Future

Image courtesy Trunkster

Trunkster's bags eliminate travel headaches

Murphy’s Law is perhaps never more applicable than to those burdened with luggage. The bag will be too heavy. The zipper will jam after the poor globetrotter tries to rearrange his clothes. And if a suitcase makes it through check-in, it just might end up in Aruba – even if its owner is headed to Detroit.

Thankfully, the Trunkster is scheduled the hit the market this fall. The high-tech luggage takes aim at just about every potential headache – a sliding door entry replaces the classic flimsy zipper, a built-in scale tells travelers how much their bags weigh as soon as it’s packed, and for a $40 upgrade fee, bags are GPS enabled.

That’s right, no more lost bags. (Well, the airlines might misroute your bags, but at least you’ll know where they are.)

There’s even more to the Trunkster’s suite of features – a USB power bank can charge your phone in lieu of the roughly four outlets available in the average airport.

The bags are structurally impressive, too, boasting a sturdy side-to-side handle, aluminum and polycarbonate material, and even a hidden compartment for especially valuable items.

Following its massively successful Kickstarter campaign, which wrapped up in January, the Trunkster is available for pre-order in both carry-on and checked-bag sizes. They’re $295 and $335 respectively – pre-order here.

Now go forth (and pack).


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