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BarkBox adds BarkPost and BarkCare to the mix

“Too Many Puppies” may have been the name of a particularly forgettable 1990 single from Primus, but New York startup Bark & Co. is betting there’s really no such thing.

At least not on the internet.

Bark & Co. made a splash last year when it launched BarkBox (the subscription service for dogs) and subsequently raised $5 million. In recent months, the company has quietly added two new services, BarkPost and BarkCare.

BarkPost features Buzzfeed-style listicles and GIF-soaked content on sleeping puppies and, well, dog butts. It’s meant to be a community builder and lead generator for the startup’s other offerings, and a source of ad revenue.

“We launched it at the start of the year and had 25,000 [unique visitors] in January. We’re now doing 750,000,” co-founder and CEO Matt Meeker told us.

More recently, the company introduced BarkCare, offering 24/7 email and phone access to vets, similar to the for-humans service offered by Sherpaa. BarkCare is taking beta customers at $199 per year.

“We’re like the Samwer Brothers, but for dogs,” co-founder and CEO Matt Meeker told us, referencing the German trio known for cloning successful US startups like AirBnB and launching them in Europe. “We find models that have been proven for humans and apply them to the dog space.”

Bark & Co. is outgrowing their Chinatown office. The team totals 28 and has five open positions – get the details here.

Now go forth (and lay waste to your day trolling for dog pics).

Nitty Gritty:

0: Songs frontman Les Claypool had written for Primus before “Too Many Puppies”

2: Full-time vets on staff at Bark, to service BarkCare

50,000+: Current paying customers for BarkBox, per Business Insider