7 Coworking Spaces in Los Angeles You Need to Know

One of WeWork's many coworking spaces in Los Angeles.

Sunny Los Angeles offers no shortage of coffee shops and juice bars for freelancers and remote workers, but for some budding entrepreneurs, the roar of an espresso machine could put a crimp in their business. Thankfully, the city also boasts an ample lineup of coworking spaces that offer the traditional office amenities without the leasing formalities. Here are some of our favorite coworking spaces in Los Angeles.


WeWork – Hollywood

WeWork Hollywood
Photo Courtesy of WeWork

WeWork’s original LA location, centrally located on Hollywood Boulevard, features a spacious first floor, lounges, production suites, screening rooms, free beer and a beautiful outdoor balcony. Need a buddy to work with? Feel free to bring your dog along to the space.

LAX Coworking – Westchester

LAX Coworking
Photo Courtesy of Angela Clouse

If there’s one thing that LAX prides itself on, it’s being an unpretentious coworking space (oh, and the only one with planes constantly outside its windows). The space is a program of the LAX Coastal Chamber of Commerce so when you become a full-time member you not only benefit from the Chamber’s wealth of resources and connections – they’ve been a voice for small businesses for 60+ years – but you also receive an honorary membership. Plus, there’s an In-N-Out directly across the street (and consistent ping-pong championships inside to help balance that out).

Opodz – Little Tokyo

Opodz coworking space in Los Angeles
Photo Courtesy of Jason Anderson

Opodz is the OG. They are one of the original Downtown LA coworking spaces with three years of business under their belt. Many of their first members are actually still in the space today, proving that community and collaboration at Opodz is strong. Their Little Tokyo location is extremely fitting given the simple, sleek, and well-designed interior…and occasional karaoke parties.

BizHaus – El Segundo

BizHaus El Segundo
Photo Courtesy of BizHaus

It’s clear that BizHaus takes great pride in creating gorgeous working environments for their members. Their buildings are “over fifty years old and have been restored to keep some of their natural beauty.” We’re talking bow truss ceilings. Community bonding comes in the form of Thirsty Thursdays (yes, that’s the official name) with local craft breweries and wineries partaking in the fun. They’re currently in El Segundo and Marina Del Rey but you can expect another in Downtown LA soon.

NeueHouse Hollywood – Hollywood

NeueHouse Hollywood coworking space in Los Angeles
Photo Courtesy of Emily Andrews

NeueHouse, a private work collective for creative entrepreneurs, serves film, design, branding, fashion, and other innovative gurus on a global scale (NY, LA, and soon London). NeueHouse falls somewhere between a social club and workplace, catering to notable members like artist Dustin Yellin, author Joyce Carol Oates, and screenwriter Werner Herzog. Their Hollywood location occupies the 1938 CBS Radio Building, complete with seven stories of workspaces, sound stages, recording studios, a full-service restaurant, and two outdoor decks.

Procolo – Culver City

Procolo in Culver City
Photo Courtesy of Procolo

Imagine if you could work from your dream apartment. Well Procolo’s Culver City location offers a collection of office lofts with “full kitchens, baths, along with 22 foot ceilings and tons of natural light…including rooms of 20 foot floor to ceiling windows” that can make that dream come true. They operate on a philosophy that members should have as much personal space as possible. And they’re not slowing down yet – Procolo has tripled its footprint since coming into business in 2010.


Kleverdog – Chinatown

Kleverdog Coworking Space in Los Angeles
Photo Courtesy of Kleverdog

Located in LA’s Chinatown, Kleverdog believes in the possibility of “accidental serendipity” when it comes to coworking. The space is very community-oriented, fostering an environment of entrepreneurship in which collaborating with your coworking neighbors is actively encouraged. If you like to burn the midnight oil, Kleverdog offers 24/7 key card access for members, along with a Zipcar membership.

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