A big step for gig work

| 3 years ago

A Gig Win?

The gig economy as we know it looks to be in line for a big change. This week, California lawmakers passed a bill aimed to reclassify gig economy workers from contractors to employees. Some tech giants, like Uber, are already pushing back.

Raise of the Machines

Another week, another AI company raising vast sums of capital. Canada’s Element AI announced a $151 million round this week as they continue to expand on their AI systems integrator. As you might expect, they’re hiring for a wide variety of roles at their offices in Montreal and Toronto. 

And for those of you based elsewhere, you can find plenty of other opportunities in AI and machine learning here.

Good Bot!

Sure, a robot apocalypse may make for a more compelling Hollywood script — but how about we take a moment to appreciate how artificial intelligence is being used to make the world a better place? If you’ve got some time, a dive into Google’s report on organizations using AI for good is well worth your time.

Camera Madness

It’s new iPhone season, which means it’s time for the Internet to gather for its annual tradition of roasting (and, sometimes, celebrating) Apple’s latest reveal. This year, Twitter’s snarkiest are teeing off on the iPhone 11’s plethora of cameras. 

Mobile developers looking for work, we’d imagine you’d love an opportunity to build something cool that won’t be mercilessly mocked online. We’d suggest you’d take a gander at the latest and greatest open roles here.

Unlimited? Unlikely.

Everyone wants more vacation time, so how could a company offering unlimited vacation to employees possibly be construed as a bad thing? But as FastCompany’s Pavitha Mohan writes, many companies offering unlimited vacation do little to empower their employees to take a significant amount of time off. 

And with that, we’re off. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone.


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