Two pizzas, or $80 million?

Uncubed Daily might look a bit different to you today. Here’s why.

In case you missed it, May 22nd was Bitcoin Pizza Day. It was the 8th anniversary of the first known purchase with cryptocurrency: Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas back in 2010 for 10,000 bitcoin (today worth around $80 million). Don’t all legendary financial transactions happen on internet forums (bitcointalk) and include a delivery from Papa John’s?

If you’re craving a job in the crypto/blockchain industry, or $80 million worth of pizza, we can help you with one of those: DRW, Luno, Axoni, Bitpanda, Pantera Capital, Mothership, Circle, and Canopy are all hiring across skill sets.

You have a couch, bike, pair of shoes, or Delorean that you’re trying to sell. You snap a photo, name your price, and post it. In the background, a tech-heavy combination of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and location services are making sure that the item in your picture is properly identified, tagged, titled, and seen by the right potential buyers in the right location.

This is letgo, founded in 2015. Their mobile app has been downloaded more than 75 million times, and hundreds of millions of items have been posted for sale. letgo is valued at more than $1 billion (having raised $475 million to date), and their team has grown to over 165 employees. Care to make it 166? They’re hiring here.

Ever wonder why on earth we still have to fill out all of those papers at the doctor’s office? We do. Check out what Zocdoc built to fix that. (Part of our collab with the good people at Amazon Web Services.)