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This is what happens when millenials see an ad.

Boston's Jebbit was founded by two college undergrads and grown big

While an undergraduate at Boston College, Thomas Coburn was suffering through an ad on Hulu when he realized there was a better way to deliver advertising online.

Three years later, the ad-tech company he founded, Jebbit, has raised $2.3 million, employs 15 full-timers, and boasts customers like Microsoft and New Balance.

Based out of Boston, Coburn runs the company with his fellow BC dropout, COO Jonathan Lacoste.

“Boston College’s Venture Competition was incredibly helpful,” Lacoste told us. “We were running the company out of our dorm rooms and a business school classroom. And the fact that we had access to so many smart, hardworking students in Boston was also a really big help.”

In February this year, the company launched an SaaS platform for marketers to create better experiences for potential customers. “When we launched at the beginning of this year, we were really trying to do something new, so our growth wasn’t that fast – it was a challenge scaling it up,” Lacoste said. “But the last six months have been stellar – we’re seeing 30-40% month-over-month growth.”

Jebbit is hiring for six open jobs out of their Faneuil Hall offices – get all the details here. They plan to expand into New York in 2015 with a team of up to 40 people.

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