Bottles, BrewCaves, and a Truck Named Riggins

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A Day in the Life: Grady’s Cold Brew, starring Dave, Kyle, Grady and Riggins.

The Wakefield crew found itself a few rounds deep at the bar at SXSW. A few rounds of coffee, that is. Grady’s Cold Brew (cold brew coffee concentrate) has since become something of an obsession around these parts. We’ll take ours straight, with a shot of milk.

We checked in with the startup and its crew of three to see what a typical day for them is like — in their own words. See for yourself below.

Every morning Kyle and I (Dave) meet Grady at the BrewCave in Williamsburg at 8AM to start work. Kyle and I are roommates and our commute is exactly two minutes long, by foot. It’s genius.

Our day today starts with a big batch of washing and sanitizing bottles to be filled later on in the day. We wash a lot of bottles. A lot.

Grady and I took a ride over to the new BrewCompound we are building in Williamsburg (BrewCo) to meet with our landlord and hash some things out.


At this point I grabbed our truck (named Riggins, a diesel truck from an air force base in Texas – it’s no joke) to run some errands before our deliveries. (Editors note: Love the FNL nod)

A quick stop off at our bottle guys to grab a pallet of the 32oz bottles. You cannot imagine how quickly they can load these things. It’s mesmerizing.

While I’m grabbing bottles and Grady is working at BrewCo, Kyle is filtering the coffee and figuring out our delivery schedule for the afternoon.

Kyle is evidently not that great at figuring out the delivery schedule, because we get a lot of tickets.

A quick stop off at Porto Rico importers to grab a fresh batch of coffee. This is Shantell, she saves us by delivering a lot of last minute orders right on time. We couldn’t do it without her.

Kyle and I were doing Brooklyn deliveries this afternoon. This was taken as we delivered to Choice Green, and perfectly captures what it’s like doing this with Kyle. He is high energy. He runs everywhere. And he is Canadian.

We are a hard working group and like to treat ourselves after a long day. Our favorite drink is Grady’s Night Coffee (Grady’s + Milk + Vodka). There will be more adventures tomorrow, but for now we will enjoy ourselves.

“It’s getting steamy out there – get your own Grady’s here.”

Now Go Forth (and drink it up).

By the Numbers

  • 10: Months in operation
  • 4 Times Square: address of GCB’s first client
  • 3,000 Square Feet: Size of the new BrewCo
  • 1:1: Ratio of Milk to Coffee in a perfect cup of GCB