Brexit’s brextraordinary impact on the tech world and more top stories

Gizmodo takes a terrifying look at the world of Mark Zuckerberg fan art.

What Happened?

It was a big, Brextraordinary week. You might have missed something.

Taking the U Out of U.K.
The ever-cascading result of Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union will leave no corner of the global economy untouched; it’s possible that tech will be especially hard hit. According to The Guardian, a March poll revealed that 87% of the London tech sector opposed Brexit, citing the threat to London’s status as the “digital capital of Europe” – Facebook, Amazon, and Google have a major presence in London and the U.K. Additionally, European Union regulations have targeted American tech companies on privacy issues in the last two years; as Fortune reports, “Without British pushback, that stance is likely to gain more heft.”

In Cheerier News
Google taught a virtual ant to play soccer.

Do Not Track
On Tuesday, a photo of Mark Zuckerberg at his desk revealed that the Facebook cofounder covers both the camera and microphone of his laptop with tape, presumably for security reasons. Of course, sound waves cannot be blocked with tape, so covering your microphone probably won’t accomplish a thing. But should you consider obscuring your laptop camera? The New York Times thinks so.

Right Here, Right Now
It was a big week for Periscope and live video in general. When C-SPAN’s cameras cut out during the Democrats’ House floor sit-in, they used Rep. Scott Peters’ Periscope livestream to cover the news. And, ever the contrarians, Radiohead encouraged concert goers in Iceland to livestream their show via Periscope.

Flak Catcher
On Monday, Spotify announced that its monthly average user numbers had hit 100 million. Not to be outdone, Instagram revealed that its MAUs reached 500 million.

Dr. Internet Just Got Easier
Google has updated its platform to reveal possible diagnoses when you search for symptoms.

G Money
Could super-fast 5G wireless be on the horizon? Looks like it.

An Orgy of Buzzwords
This video from tronc, née Tribune Publishing (the third-largest newspaper syndicate in the U.S.), must be seen to be believed.


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