Shoe In

Image courtesy Brooklyn Shoe Space

Brooklyn Shoe Space emerges in the handmade craze

Stroll certain pockets of Brooklyn, and you’d be forgiven for imagining you had been transported to the 19th century. Bearded, pomaded men and knitting women will sit around bars drinking bizarre cocktails as a barkeep chips ice from a block. It’s a return to basics that’s as stylized as it gets.

The Brooklyn Shoe Space is helping foster that handmade revival – the Williamsburg-based (surprise) studio space is dedicated to the art of cobbling shoes. The studio was founded by Keiko Hirosue, a law school student turned full-time shoemaker.

In addition to offering equipment and tools for artisans, the Brooklyn Shoe Space also offers introductory classes to aspiring Christian Louboutins. Hirosue offers a three-session introduction to basic shoemaking class – students leave with a pair of shoes of their own design. Care to make your own pair of moccasins? There’s a class for that too.

“I hope that everyone who’s learning can come back and make their own line,” Hirosue told Brooklyn Based. “Once you start making shoes, you get hooked.”

The Space’s workshops return from winter recess next Friday – check out all the upcoming classes here. And if you’re interested in becoming a member of the studio space, find details here.

Now go forth (and get kicking).

Nitty Gritty:

29: Height, in inches, of the Chopine, a shoe worn in 16th century Venice

3: Length, in feet, of the toes of some cowboy boots in Mexico

17: Number of shoes owned by the average American woman