Brooklyn’s BREAKFAST have created their most outlandish project yet

| 6 years ago

That's 6,400 spools of thread.

Right Said Thread

We covered the wizards at Brooklyn-based creative shop BREAKFAST when they collaborated with Major League Baseball to create a virtual Mission Control.

They’ve also built Instaprint, a photo booth for Instagram, as well as two AIpowered blimps for Conan O’Brien.

But their most recent collaboration with Forever 21 is surely the biggest, most-outlandish of their creations yet.

The F21 Thread Screen uses 6,400 spools holding 6.7 miles of thread to display low-res Instagram images hashtagged with #F21Threadscreen.

The 2,000 pound machine was unveiled online yesterday (it’s currently operating out of BREAKFAST’s offices) and will be live through July 28th.

The F21 is the product of more than a year and a half of hardware and software engineering – this thing is built from more than 200,000 parts and uses 600 pounds of milled aluminum.

“When we started building, it was really smooth sailing for a while,” BREAKFAST cofounder and CCO Zolty told us. “But we didn’t anticipate that every single one of the 10,000 spools that we ordered would be different… We need to get the tension just right – as the heat and humidity changes, the spools will change shape even more – so we battled that for a long time. But finally we figured out a way to compensate.”

You can check out video of the mechanical marvel here. You can also check out a 24-hour livestream of the F21 in action.

BREAKFAST is also hiring for nine open roles out of their Brooklyn HQ. Get the details here.

Now go forth (and thread the needle).