Brooklyn’s Critter and Guitari makes synthesizers like you’ve never seen before

Image courtesy Critter and Guitari

Get Your Groove On

Kindergarten and the cat piano have taught us that you can make music with nearly anything. Of course, there are limitations to the types of music you can make with the squeals of a jabbed cat.

Brooklyn based Critter and Guitari have built their business around creating accessible, small, and colorful musical devices that inspire innovation and also make some really cool music.

Tucked away in a warehouse in Bushwick, the two-man team offers a range of low-cost modular synthesizers, video synthesizers, and “instruments”, such as the Pocket Piano, a lime green aluminum box with a set of 18 maple wood keys.

But don’t mistake them for toys – these are tools whose creative capabilities extend far beyond what their super-cute (nearly Japanese) design sensibilities suggest. The company’s products have caught the eyes and ears of artists like Bon Iver and The Strokes’ Julian Casablanca.

Recently, they teamed up with Jack White’s Third Man Records to create a boutique line of synthesizers.

Their newest synthesizer, the Organelle, is an open-source instrument that invites customizability and innovation. “We’re trying to combine the complexity of a computer with the simplicity of a pocket piano,” cofounder Chris Kucinski told us. “We hope to make electronic music simpler, but just as powerful.”

Critter and Guitari will be presenting at the Brooklyn Synth Expo at Main Drag Music on November 7th and 8th.

Or you can check them out right now right here.

Now go forth (and get funky).


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