Brooklyn’s newest maker space will help you build a motorcycle or make some chocolate

Studio image courtesy Craftsman Ave

The Art of Crafting

Sure, the 3D printer is a massively exciting technology, but there’s nothing quite like the thrill of working with a tool that could take your finger off. Sometimes it takes the whirr of a jigsaw to remind you that creativity can be heart-racing.

Gowanus’ Craftsman Ave promises a return to the sawdust-covered garage floor. The 1500-square-foot maker space offers both classes led by local artists and artisans as well as monthly membership in the studio with access to tools, workspace, and storage. (They’re also committed to safety and technical training, thankfully.)

Launched this summer, Craftsman Ave’s array of classes already covers an impressive swath of the DIY scene. Vintage Motorcycle Construction, Introduction to Modern Woodworking, and The Art of Chocolate Making are all currently on offer. Workshops typically run between two and four hours and start at $80.

“We want you to leave with a physical product after each class so you feel that, ‘Oh, wow, I did not just learn theory, I actually have a product that I made,'” founder Taras Kravtchouk said.

There are also daily and monthly memberships for the more experienced craftsman, with unlimited access to tools like band saws and welders, starting at $40.

You can learn more about Craftsman Ave’s classes and membership right here.

Now go forth (and get it made).


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