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Brooklyn’s Tinybop is changing the way kids play digitally

Image courtesy Tinybop

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It’s pretty easy to make something kid-friendly – just slap a few soft edges on it, remove any hint of impropriety, and add bright colors. Making something that’s good for kids is another matter entirely.

Brooklyn’s Tinybop is making apps for kids four and up that aren’t simply Disneyfied versions of Candy Crush.

When we first covered the startup in November, 2013, it had just released the first app in the Explorer’s Library, The Human Body.

There are now two more volumes in that series – Plants and Homes – and last month the company released its first “Digital Toy”, The Robot Factory.

“The Digital Toy series is based on physical toys that I loved as a kid – open-ended toys without a beginning or end…” Tinybop CEO and founder Raul Gutierrez told us. “There are millions of robots apps, but they do it in a very prescribed way, where you can only swap out legs in the same place, for example. Every one of our robots has its own unique physics… that’s a really meaty and fun engineering challenge.”

A team of 20, Tinybop is hiring for iOS developers, and they’re always on the hunt for talented, passionate people. Get all the details here.

Now go forth (and go robo).


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