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Image courtesy Bureo Skateboards

Bureo Skateboards is saving the ocean and selling decks

Skateboarders have long been known for their ability to repurpose stuff – they can turn an empty swimming pool into a skate park or a hand rail into a grinding platform (and occasional death trap).

But the boarders behind Bureo Skateboards have taken this reinvention thing to a whole new level – the company sells a skateboard deck made entirely of upcycled fishing nets found off the coast of Chile.

Last year the founders launched Net Positiva, a campaign to collect and recycle fishing nets – so-called “ghost-nets” make up an estimated 10% of all the ocean’s plastic pollution. The idea to create skateboards only came later.

“We were first focused on plastic collection programs, and how we could reduce plastic waste entering the ocean,” cofounder Ben Kneppers said. “This evolved into developing products from these programs that may be profitable to support the collection programs.”

After a $40,000 grant from Start-Up Chile, as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised more than $64,000, Bureo began production on their boards last month.

You can buy Bureo’s inaugural Minnow Skateboard for $145 here.

Now go forth (and remake/remodel).

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