Diverse Conditions

BuzzFeed issues a new hiring guide focused on diversity

In an effort to correct a much-criticized lack of diversity in the tech industry, many of the sector’s biggest companies have begun self-reporting their demographic data.

The results are not pretty.

Google’s employees are 61% white and 30% Asian; men make up 70% of all staff. Twitter is also at a 70/30 gender divide, and 59% of all employees are white.

Last week, BuzzFeed, a New York startup that you might have heard about, detailed their own plans to correct the diversity gap. (Although their male/female numbers are a respectable 52/48, 74.8% of BuzzFeed’s US employees are white.)

Editor-in-chief Ben Smith announced the policy in listicle form, naturally, offering up “4 Reasons It Matters” and “five things editors should do when hiring”.

“Our industry, like all industries, should be open to anyone prepared to join it, and our industry, like most industries, has historically been terrible at inclusivity. But it’s a mistake to look at diversity solely as an ethical imperative,” Smith wrote.

“In fact, diversity is an urgent and unending project for anyone who’s ambitious about journalism and entertainment on the internet.”

Smith’s pledge quickly drew praise from diversity groups.

Want to join BuzzFeed in their cause? They’ve got 66 open jobs and internships in New York alone – largely in editorial and development positions. Check them all out here.

Now go forth (and mix it up).


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